How to Apply

General Information

Application is open only to non-Chinese citizens who are in good health conditions.

Educational Background and Age Limit

For Master’s Degree Applicants:

The applicant must be under the age of 35 and has a bachelor’s degree.

For Doctoral Degree Applicants:

The applicant must be under the age of 40 and has a master’s degree.


Language Requirements

Graduates from universities of English-speaking countries;

Graduates from universities where English is the official language;

IELTS: overall grade of 6.0 or above;

TOEFL: overall score of 80 or above.


Application Methods

Applicants for academic degree programs shall submit application documents to


Required Application Documents

1. Application Form for IWHR's Prospective International Students (attachment 1) with signature and date.

2. Applicant's highest graduation certificate: the scanned copy of official or notarized document.

3. Applicant's highest qualification transcript: the scanned copy of official or notarized document.

Note: please present official or notarized English version if the above materials are neither in Chinese nor in English.

Master's program applicants are required to submit undergraduate degree certificate and transcripts. Doctoral program applicants are required to submit both undergraduate and graduate degree certificates and transcripts. Applicants who have not graduated by the time of application are required to provide an official letter from their current university stating the expected graduation date. In this case, the degree certificate must be submitted before registration.

4. Language Proficiency Certificate

Provide a certificate to show that English is the medium language during your study period, or a scanned copy of the official IELTS or TOFEL score.

5. A scanned copy of passport information page with a valid period of at least one year.

6. Passport-size photo.

Note: Please submit your digital photo as required below: 

1) Passport-sized and bareheaded.

2) White background without border.

3) The pixel size should be no lower than 320*240, the depth-width ratio is 4:3.

4) The photo size should be within 100-500KB.

5) The photo only with JPG format will be accepted.

7. Research plan

Briefly introduce your background, interest, past research work, research proposal and career objective, etc. (800~2000 words).

8. Two recommendation letters

Submit two recommendation letters signed by associate professors or professors in the related academic field, and whose contact information should be included in the letter.

9. List of publications

10. The scanned copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (attachment 2).

Medical examination results must be valid for 6 months. The medical examination must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid.

Note: Please do number your documents in the same sequence as required in the following table.


Required Documents

Example of File Naming


Application Form

1_Application Form_YourName


Graduation Certificate

2.1_Graduation Certificate_Master_YourName;

2.2_Graduation Certificate_Bachelor_YourName;


Physical Examination Form

10_Physical Examination Form_YourName


Other Materials (Materials you want to submit but not in the required list)



Your application will not be assessed if it does not cover all the documents mentioned above. Submitted application documents will not be returned regardless of the result of application. 

If your application is unsuccessful, we will notify you through email sent by our official address.

IWHR is committed to equal opportunities for everyone.

Important Dates

Application Deadline:

Applicants for academic degree programs shall submit their acceptable application materials before 31st May 2022.

Admission Notice Time:

Between 10th June and 15th July 2022.

Beginning of the Semester:

In early September 2022(See the specific date on the admission notice).


Application Form for IWHR's Prospective International Students in 2022.docx

Foreigner physical examination form.pdf


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